Genetics and Development of Cardiac Defects

Inserm UMR_S910
Medical Genetics & Functional Genomics
Faculté de Médecine de la Timone, Marseille


My group is interested in understanding the gene regulatory network that controls the formation of the heart in the mouse. Indeed, the formation of the heart is a complex morphogenetic process that depends on the spatiotemporally regulated contribution of cardiac progenitor cells. We use mouse embryonic system to identify critical regulatory interactions that control cardiac progenitor cell behavior. Our research will provide insights into the genetic regulation of cardiac progenitor cells during early cardiogenesis and to further identify novel candidate genes for diagnosis and therapy of congenital heart disease.

About Us

The laboratory is located at the Medical School of Marseille, in a research unit of the French Institute for Health and Medical Research (Inserm) and the Aix-Marseille University. Our current research are supported by the ANR, the AFM-Telethon and the FRM.

Our research unit is composed of 9 independent teams headed by :

Marc Bartoli/Martin Krahn - Translational myology.

Christophe Béroud - Genetics and Bio-informatics.

Bernard Binetruy - Embryonic stem cells and iPS.

Valérie Delague - Genetics and pathophysiology of autosomal recessive neurological disorders.

Nicolas Levy - Genetics of neuromuscular disorders and laminopathies.

Frédérique Magdinier - Epigenetics, chromatin and diseases.

Michel Pucéat - Cardiac development physiopathology.

Laurent Villard - Human neurogenetics.

Stéphane Zaffran - Genetics and development of cardiac defects.

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